High dividend stocks

Let’s pick up high dividend stocks with stable dividends.

1) Power Development 9513

Wholesale of electricity to electric power companies. Power source is coal-fired power and water power. Construction of the Oma nuclear power plant has stalled.

2) Tokio Marine 8766

First class in property and casualty insurance. Life insurance and finance centered on Tokio Marine & Nichido. Expanding overseas insurance business.

3) Japan Tobacco Industry 2914

Monopoly on cigarette manufacturing. Overseas tobacco through M&A. We are also focusing on the heating type. Pharmaceuticals, food, etc.

4) Senko 9069

A major corporate logistics company. Strengths in distribution, housing, and petrification. Asahi Kasei and Sekisui Chemical are major shippers.

5) Kyushu Passenger 9142

Railway companies throughout Kyushu. Non-railway revenues such as real estate and distribution account for the majority. Tourist trains are popular.

6) Nihon Ham Yoneku 2282

Comprehensive meat manufacturer. The largest manufacturer of hams and sausages. One of our strengths is our consistent system from breeding to processing and sales.

7) Okinawa Cellular 9436

A mobile service company jointly invested by KDDI and the Okinawa business community. Top mobile phone market share in the prefecture.

8) Nippon Telegraph and Telephone 9432

The largest domestic telecommunications company. Monopoly on local telephone services through a holding company system. High share of mobile and fiber optic lines.

9) Nitto Fuji Flour Milling 2003

A semi-major flour milling company affiliated with Mitsubishi Corporation. Focusing on restaurant franchises such as Kentucky through subsidiaries.

10) KDDI 9433

General communications company. Life design business centered on the mobile phone “au” brand. Collaborate with partner companies.


Stocks that get dividends almost every month

Stocks that can get dividends every month have low fees.

1) NF Nikkei Stock Average High Dividend 50 Index ETF (1489)

Dividend month 1, 4, 7, 10

2) Global XS&P500 Dividend Aristocrat ETF

Dividend month 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, November

3) iShares US REIT ETF

Dividend month February, May, August, November


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It’s time to buy stocks

1) First, look at the 30-year chart.

Then the next one is 10 years, the next three years, and the next six months.

2) Japan buys twice a year

It bottoms out in February and peaks in April and May.

It bottoms out in October and peaks at the end of the year. It is correct to sell in December.

This is a long-standing trend. that’s why,

February 13: NISA Day

October 4th is Securities Investment Day.

Good to buy at this time.

3) The US has a surplus of 40 trillion yen in tax refunds from February to May.

Therefore, the funds are raised from February to May, and in May, when the funds run out, it is called “Sell in May”.

4) Reserved NISA is always dollar-averaged, so it’s fine.

5) Don’t do it when your eyes are at the $ mark.

When it goes up, I want to buy it,

I want to sell when it goes down.

The opposite is true. Sakuramichi goes behind people’s backs.

There are 100 up days and 3 down days, so don’t be greedy and sell quickly.

He asks her to give him his tail.