Amazon Associates is no longer rewarding since 2019.

On the other hand, the Rakuten affiliate is pretty cool.

It seems that ITP is the cause of Amazon Associates.



Affiliate Owakon-Go to YouTube


Apple is trying to remove search cookies.

The ad blocker seems to be selling in the app.

Apple is a great country in Japan for smartphones in Japan.

That ’s why Amazon Associates no longer sells

This is the cause.

Google also hates affiliates.

This YouTube is helpful.






Young people search via SNS

It seems that young people are no longer searching on Google.

Young people are searching on YouTube.

In other words, young people are searching on SNS.

Facebook and

Twitter and


Instagram and

Tick Tok and



There’s also a way to shoot YouTube at once without having to blog.

My blog is a YouTube manuscript.


I stream from Twitter to YouTube.

One way is to do a blog in English and YouTube in English.

I’m going to translate the blog articles into English with Google translation.

I’m going to translate the blog articles into English with Google translation.

Japanese people are not good at writing English

You are good at interpreting English.

So using Google Translate

Change the Japanese article on the blog to English

If you put it in WordPress, you can send it to the world.
Let’s try it for a moment.

I studied abroad at Michigan State University.

It ’s okay.

No good.

Do not be afraid of failure.





It is TERU.

I was raised by a celebrated mother.

It is a way of life to live peacefully and relaxedly.


After graduate school, I developed an English conversation acquisition method by studying abroad MBA.

Mitsui-based real estate company, Nikko securities company, Mitsui trading company net company work.

I will teach you how to make 4 wallets.

I am struggling to earn with an affiliate on the net. I love celebrities.


I like YouTube. I am doing a blog affiliate.

I like to eat sweet things because I am poor at drinking.

It is a philosophy that lives enjoying living happily.

Let’s go enjoy it.


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