More victory with recommended Carbohydrate restriction


Today is the day of examination of diabetes.

You mean a conclusion.

HbA1c has 6.3

How a little

It’s 5.8.

Great success for great success.


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Carbohydrate restriction


What is carbohydrate restriction in my case

Do not take carbohydrates.

1) Wheat






2) Rice


rice ball

3) potatoes

Potatoes are carbohydrates, but it’s okay

Vitamin C is also included

Complete carbohydrate limit


Meat and tofu and salad etc.

With this

When the body burns away protein digestion

I will take that hot flashes.


It consumes fat during that time → This is the way of Rizap.


Also complete sugar quality control

When we digest fat

I feel a bit strange.


At that time

Given savings

Cheap rice crackers

I made it one or two.

It is a collaboration of saving and carbohydrate restriction.


The carbohydrate restriction is done by the entertainer


It is good for your body to eat one meal a day.

This is also the diet of Rizap.

The model is typical.

So I did it long ago.





I wonder ifshe is still alive

Let’s search.


She  seem to be alive.

I am a senior but I think she

is fine.

Carbohydrate restriction

It is human’s original way of life.

It is self-responsibility.

You should do it in particular while consulting a doctor.




It is Tel.

I was raised by a celebrated mother.

It is a way of life to live peacefully and relaxedly.

After graduate school, I developed an English conversation acquisition method by studying abroad MBA.

Mitsui-based real estate company, Nikko securities company, Mitsui trading company net company work.

I will teach you how to make 4 wallets.

I am struggling to earn with an affiliate on the net. I love celebrities.

I like YouTube. I am doing a blog affiliate.

I like to eat sweet things because I am poor at drinking.

It is a philosophy that lives enjoying living happily.

Let’s go enjoy it.

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